About Yasuka

Founded in 1990 with focus on innovation, Yasuka Corporation has developed products to ease Film and Studio production. It started with the DVR the original softy light. Followed by CFL lighting, HMI lighting and the LED lighting generation. Our emphasis on craftsmanship and performance makes us the trendsetter and the catalyst in driving the industry.

Designed camera rig for the first Indian film to be shot digitally in 3D Aabra Ka Daabra (2004). Lighting setup for the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya (formerly, Prince of Wales Museum), Mumbai or The National Salt Satyagraha Memorial (Dandi Memorial), Navsari our solutions have helped every horizon.

Today Yasuka is representing many of the top international brands, like Lightstar, Prolycht, Menik, Nanlux, Soonwell and DigitalFoto. Offering specialised lighting solutions for Film production, Television studio, Stadium and Structural Lighting across the nation. Specialised lighting needs are our forte with innovation as the central piece.