National Salt Satyagrah Memorial - Dandi

The National Salt Satyagraha Memorial is a special project for us. We are fortune to contribute and thank the Mahatma in every way possible.


The centre piece of the memorial is a statue of Gandhiji within a beacon of light, accompanied by life-sized sculptures of the 80 marchers who participated in the march with him. The canopy of the memorial is formed by two raised hands, symbolising peace and unity, holding a handful of simulated salt crystals at the top. These hands feature a ring of mounted lights at the base of the pedestal. As night falls, the beacon of light will rise, casting a brilliant glow on the salt crystal at its pinnacle.


An light source strong enough to reach the simulated salt crystal at the top of the statue. The source needs to be energy efficient and compact to fit on the pedestal.


Based on the requirement LED and Laser lights were tested. Both are energy efficient and compact to fit in the space. The testing result favoured Laser lights specifically Blue coloured because of its wavelength. The blue laser light was enclosed inside a self cooling enclosure specially designed for this project. The enclosure was tested and IP54 certified to stand all weather conditions. The connecting wire are IP54 certified as well.