Orion 300 FS



Opticalsystem: ColorSpotLight,1.97′ lightaperture
Weight: Lamp Head 3.lkg/8 lbs, Control Box 3.2kg/ 7 lbs
Handling&Mounting Lamp Head: Aluminum Yoke with 360 ° Tilt Lock, 28/16 mm Spigot Control Box: Quick Release Clamp
Fan Mode Silent, Low Speed (14 dB noise), Medium Speed, High Speed, Auto
White Light 2,000K – 20,000K with Green/Magenta adjustment
CCT Tolerance +/- 100K below 6500K (at 100% Intensity) Color light Full R+G+B+A+C+L Gamut
Color light Seamless color tuning in HSI color wheel Matching 46 natural/ortificial light sources Matching 318 Rosco/LEE Gels / 19 Lighting effects with tunable parameters Color Rendering Ra 96,TLCI 98
Green/Magenta Adjustment Duv -0.015-0.015 adjustable, 200 steps
Dimming 0-100% dimming, 1000 steps
Power Supply AC: 100 to 240V,50/60Hz,
Battery: Two 14.8V batteries,V-mount or AB-mount available
Power Consumption 320W maximum Control Options 320W maximum Full Color Control panel 5-Pin OMX in/out.27 OMX modes
Control Options LAN port with Built-in ArtNet Chromalink App supporting Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection . Support 3,d party App control Firmware Upgrade Firmware upgradable via flash drive
OperatingTemperature -20°C to +40°C
IP Rating IP 20, not water proof
IP Rating IP 20, not water proof
Estimated color shift 2 SDCM@ 100% brightness, 4 SDCM@ 10% brightness
Estimated L70 Lifetime 50,000 hours
llluminance at 3m Standard Reflector: 2815 lx/261 fc (55° beam angle) Fresnel Lens: 11360 Ix/ 1055 fc (15 ° beam angle)
STANDARD REFLECTOR555600K2,8883051163
PROJECTION LENS235600K407582312
DOME SOFTBOXN/A5600K18026116
FRESNEL LENS (FLOOD)305600K9,363950342175
FRESNEL LENS (SPOT)155600K11,2891,055391189